Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022
Job Summary: -
Establish and maintain computer records, including recruitment files and tests, general files and other information on sick leave, maintains confidential employee information and records.

Key Responsibilities
• Maintains all files (personnel and non-personnel). This includes updating the files, filing all incoming letters and correspondence;
• Maintains all personnel related issues in a confidential manner;
• Maintains the HR database;
• Ensures that job announcement is posted and logged; compiles necessary statistics for each recruitment;
• Checks, processes and prepares weekly medical report on all medical expense reimbursements;
• Checks, processes and prepares quarterly reports on all staff leave (annual, sick, special) and medical reimbursements;
• Prepares all correspondence related to employment applications, terminations, transfers, resignations, retirements etc. as per Dashen HR Policy/Ethiopia policy and management decision;
• Prepares checklists that shows the expiry date of various contract agreements both personnel and non-personnel and prepares agreements in consultation of the supervisor;
• Follows up all personnel annual leaves as per the given dates and reminds the concerned employees.

Job Requirements
Required Qualification & Experience
• BA degree in HRM, Management, business management, business administration or equivalent
• At least two years’ relevant work experience in HR generalist

Key competency & Behavioral Skill
• Proactive and initiative driven
• Analytical and good judgment ability
• Understanding of HR & Administration
• Understanding of business acumen
• Strong communication skill
• Strong public speaking and presentation skill

Deadline of this Job: 05 October 2022
Main Purpose
Is responsible for the mission Homere (HR Database) processing, management, and implementation of Human Resources policies in the CO and the correct Administrative Management of all staff working in the CO (National, International, Regional, etc).

• In close coordination with the PAM and the HR Coordinator, support the HR operational needs based on the Homere data (HR montoring tool) and the associated budget in order to efficiently ensure the required sizing and capabilities of the office and to facilitate budget following-up.
• Ensure hiring and register in Homere (HR Database) and contract is issed; carry out amendments and contract termination formalities for employees at CO level according to labour local laws, archiving and updating individual employee files ; informing them on their rights and preparing all mandatory tax declarations in order to ensure legal compliance.
• Assist the PAM, and/or Department Haeds and supervisors to draw up annual holiday planning and staff shifts in order to forecast HR needs and to ensure HR availability for the CO activities based on the holiday plan make sure holidys are registered in Homer and cross check with hardcopies.
• Supervise/perform payroll procedures, ensuring that all data related to monthly salary calculation of national employees of the mision are correctly entered in Homere (days off, unpaid leaves, sick leaves, overtime, salary advance, etc.), in order to ensure on time and accurate salary payments.
• Under supervision of the PAM, ensure indexation process of national staff salary grids in order to ensure internal equity, cost-of-living adjustments and the correct application of employment conditions in the project sites.
• Support, in close coordination with the HR Coordinator/Personnel Development Manager (PDM), the line managers in registering datas to homer based on the training need, request and final training delivery training needs, in properly evaluating people performance and in potential identification, in order to improve people capabilities, and their end results contribution to mission goals.
• Plan and supervise, in close coordination with the HRCo, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required
• Together with the PAM, support the line managers in implementing the internal communication policies in order to boost staff active participation and MSF commitment.
• In close collaboration with the PAM and HRCo, applies the administrative procedures part of any Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in force between local partners (eg. Ministry of Health, etc.) and MSF.
• In close collaboration with the PAM and HRCo, looks for the best options to avoid and/or solve possible labour conflicts in the CO.
• Ensures all staff in the CO (National, International, Regional, visits, etc.) is properly briefed and/or inducted.
• Ensures all HR reporting of the CO related to homere management.

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities
• Technical referent in the mission for HOMERE (HR Database),
• Ensures proper parametiazation, use of the system and quality of the data throughout the mission.
• Ensures the monthly HOMERE reporting to HQ and liaises with HOMERE technician in case of problems.
• Schedule, organize & participate in recruitment and selection process (i.e. obtaining approval, posting vacancies, screening, interviewing, and correspondence including maintaining a pool of potential candidates) with the relevant heads of departments.
• Do induction for newly hired employees.
• Control and follow up the MSF ID number of all the mission staff and create and maintain the list of ID for the mission, communicate with the projects the ID to use for each new staff. Follow up projects and provide ID number for homere
• Support the project HR Managers and HR Officers in Homere and payroll administration and responsible of capital Homere and payroll administration
• Responsible for the verification of the mission payroll as well final responsible of the maintenance of information in Homere. Track homere related challenges, proposed solutions and lesson learned every month.
• In collaboration with the L&D manager, assess need, design (on the job and off the job training) related to Homer.
• Provide Homer training for new HRs, and refreshment training for existing HRs.
• Final responsible for the staff EOC payments and related clearance and documents (final payments, ….). Communicate with field office HRs for proper procedure of it
• Guide and advice project HR Managers HR Officers on their project administration of homere and payroll.
• Upon approval from your manager, export / import employee file, import parameters such a salary grid and function grid etc.….
• When accepted, transfer the report to the finance assistant (who will be responsible of the payment).
• Prepare a payroll export of the month payroll with relevant information according to PAM instructions and send the PVR and other payroll reports of the mission to the HRCo for approval.
• At month end (when payroll is approved), Close the month, print all reports (printings) requested by the mission : list of contract ending the next month, list of leaves, list of probation period, etc
• Maintain updated version of all Homere (coordination and projects) together with the PAM/HRCo.
• Monthly sending of the mission database to the Homere team in HQ
• Analyze all reports sent by the projects and provide feedback.
• Support project HR in identifying common mistakes and made every month while doing payroll in homer and help them in setting improvement plan and track changes for future improvement and report errors to the PAM and share with the for future correction.
• Support the project Fin/HR manager to Manage & ensure HR records & files are updated in a timely & accurate manner, safeguarding confidential information & with compliance to the labor law. These should include contracts, CV, diplomas, job descriptions, probation period completion, evaluations, disciplinary actions, leave follow-up…
• Support the project HR managers in proper tracking of annual performance evaluations, probation evaluations and remind the relevant managers to start working on proper evaluation.
Emergency response
• Act as field HR Manager in a situation of new project until recruitment completed.
• Replace project HR managers on their absence (gap filling) and in charge of project HR management.
• For the mission employees file management , the HRM is responsible for :
o Together with the HR Assistant, make sure the employee file a signed copy of each HR document
o Liaise with the projects during the sending of HR document : reception of inventory from HR Administrator and follow-up
o Crosscheck inventory with information contained in the reports send by the projects perform regular Auditing on employee file ,produce Audit report ,followup and advise on improvement with the respective project team and Coordination file.

Job Requirements
Education Degree in management (business, HR) or administration.
Experience At least two years in administration management Desirable, good knowledge of local administration and local laws.
Knoladge on Homere (MSF Software for HR) essential
Languages Mission language (English) and local language essential

• People Management
• Commitment
• Flexibility
• Results
• Teamwork
Deadline of this Job: 06 October 2022
Human Resources Manager

Job Description
MSA Trading PLC would like to recruit professionals who meet the following listed qualifications and criteria.

Job Requirements
Education qualification
• BA in Management, Accounting,Economics or related fields

Related Work Experience
• 6 years of relevant experience
• Manufacturing experience is advantageous

Deadline of this Job: 06 October 2022
Senior Human Resources Officer

Job Description
MSA Trading PLC would like to recruit professionals who meet the following listed qualifications and criteria.

Job Requirements
Education qualification
• BA In Management,Accounting,Economics or related fields
Related Work Experience
• 4 years of relevant experience
• Manufacturing experience is advantageous

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