Deadline of this Job: 01 October 2022
Job title : Driver II
Reports to : General service head
Department: Administration

Job Summary
We are looking for a driver to operate vehicles to our company. As a driver, you must have a safe driving record, follow all regional and national driving laws, rules, and regulations. You will also maintain vehicle upkeep and cleanliness.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Practice safe driving habits, perform pre and post trip inspection of vehicle
• Make sure there is always enough gas to get to the destination
• Follow all regional and national safety regulations and standards
• Follow all traffic laws
• Accurately follow routes, and directions
• Open vehicle doors and assist passengers
• Keep exterior of vehicle clean and presentable
• Have the vehicle maintained,oil replaced on timely manner
• Clean windows, windshields, and mirrors as needed
• Keep interior of vehicle clean of debris and clutter
• Complete documentation such as logs, mileage, reports
• Follow schedules and rerouting in a timely manner when faced with traffic or congestion

Job Requirements
• High school Certificate or equivalent; 4 years relevant work experience
• Valid 4th grade driver's license
• Demonstrate safe driving practices
• Reliable and punctual with dedicated professionalism to job and duties
• Able to adapt to changing schedules or routines
• Excellent time management skills
• Organized and able to follow a schedule
• Focused on customer service
• Positive attitude and professional demeanor
• Able to work night, weekends, and holidays as needed
Women are highly encouraged to apply!
Deadline of this Job: 01 October 2022
Vehicle and Motorcycle Driver

Job Description
Reports to: Finance & Operation Manager
Employment Type: One year contract period with possibility of extension

Job Requirements
Educational background :
• Minimum: 10th Grade, Motor & Vehicle Driving License
• computer skills; MS Excel, Word

Ability required:
• English & Afan Oromo
Required Experience:
• Experience Minimum of Two years’ experience