Deadline of this Job: 09 October 2022
Purpose of the Position
The main purpose of the job is to provide quality support to the implementation of WAE’s WASH work in line with priorities identified in the Woreda & Town development plans and priorities by linking with the WAE’s country strategy. The position is expected to provide technical advice and facilitation in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Woreda and town WASH project, program and strategy. The role includes but not limited to facilitating community mobilization by himself as well as through primary health care units; capacity building to the WASH sectors (Water, education and health); introduce appropriate sanitation techniques (PHAST, CLTSH, SCLTSH, SWASH club establishment and support), technologies like sanitation marketing, etc

Technical assistance:
• Build the capacity of local government and community by providing hygiene and sanitation technical support;
• Encourage WASH sector to reflect critically on their hygiene and sanitation policies and practices;
• Provide appropriate advice to ensure adherence with National, regional and Water Aid’s policies and recommended practices, especially regarding the health and safety for construction site and Water Quality Monitoring Policies;
• Provide technical support in all phases of the program cycle, from appraisal, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation through regular field visits, training-based capacity building, and desk-based feedback;
• Provide advice regarding hygiene and sanitation approaches adoption and innovation of sanitation and hygiene technologies by considering to the local context;
• Ensure implementation of planned WASH activities as per proposal Conduct construction quality control of WaSH facilities, facilitate preparation of sanitation business plan and take part in operation and maintenance;
• Provide technical support in implementing CLTSH and other promotional approach (ICC/BCC material development) based on the local context.
• Take part in project plan and personal work planning, implementation and review processes to maximize the effectiveness of WAE’s initiatives and supporting the Woreda and Town WASH sector;
• Plan, direct and controls the operation of activities assigned;
• Guide and supervise the implementation of activities;
• Take part in Woreda and town WASH planning, community mobilization and other stakeholders engagement in the planning process.
Project and Financial Monitoring:
• Perform the duties of hygiene and sanitation, which include but are not limited to monitoring and reviewing the performance with the government;
• Monitor the project properties, Share timely physical and financial expenditure against the planned activity, reviewing quarterly updates, bi-annual reports and reviewing budgets and take necessary action.
Learning and Development:
• Keep up to date with developments in the sector, including best practice examples in-region and nationally, and ensure ongoing personal development and learning;
• Participate in the documentation and dissemination of lessons learned in the project/program. Extract sanitation learning lesson from the project.
• Coordinate with regional, zonal and Woreda/town stakeholders, development partners and networks particularly those relevant to the WASH sector and represent WAE in policy forums locally and at zonal level and accordingly;
• Collaborate with others to generate quality evidence on WASH in local context and other stakeholders work as well as in the sector more broadly.
Equity and Inclusion:
• Ensures that all sanitation and Hygiene activities consider E&I principles and mainstreamed in the project/program to influence both local WASH sector and other stakeholders to include E&I in their WASH interventions.
Resource Mobilization:
• Play an active role in local fund raising at community, schools, Woreda/Town level by being exemplary to other staff in collaboration with local government programmatic approach team;
• Work closely with other wash stockholders in the Woreda
Team Development:
• Lead, supervise, guide and support the Hygiene and Sanitation/Water activity;
• Work closely with the project staff and local government staff;
• Exercise, the programmatic approach thinking in collaboration with the local government and other local stakeholders.
• Prepare monthly, quarterly and interim reports to the programmatic coordinator on hygiene and sanitation/ activities;
• In addition to this contribute to WAE reports to government and donors and provide periodic progress updates for organizational use;
• In collaboration with local government actively participate in midterm evaluation and facilitate final evaluation.
Safeguarding & Safety & Security:
• Understands and puts into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding, Child Protection and Gender policies and Code of Conduct (CoC)
• Adheres to any local security protocols that have been put in place when working in the office, travelling to the field or undertaking project / programme activities
• Immediately reports any health, safety and security incidents or near-misses that occur on WaterAid duty to their line manager, Security Focal Point or CD
• Behaves and acts in a manner that does not put colleagues or anyone that interacts with WaterAid in immediate danger or harm’s way.
• Undertake any other activities as requested by the Project Coordinator and WaterAid Ethiopia
Internal: Technical service director, Project Coordinator, and Officers and any other staff and consultants that may be hired in WAE for work related to this role.
External: WAE Partners, East Africa Regional team, UK office, Government Officials – Local sector organizations, Civil Society Organisations, and other I/NNGO’s

Job Requirements
Education and year of experience:

• B.Sc. in Environmental Health, Public Health or related fields;
• Minimum of 4 years of proven and progressive work experience in WASH sector, preferably in NGO.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Track record of successful work experience and results in the area of hygiene and sanitation/water supply, preferably in NGOs;
• Demonstrated technical and managerial ability, sound judgment, and ability to work effectively with others at all levels;
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, e.g., Government offices at different levels, partners, other NGOs and networks;
• Firm belief in team work, gender equality, sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, participatory approach and sustainable development;
• Commitment to values and working styles of WAE;
• Proficiency in the use of computers ( MS word, Excel, Power Point, e-mail, Internet);
• Good written and spoken English language; (Speaking the local language is an advantage);
• Good interpersonal and communication skills;
• Good community mobilization and facilitation skills;
• Firm belief in teamwork, equity and inclusiveness, gender equality, sensitivity , participatory;
• Ability to adapt to the local environment and understand and respect community values;
• Good understanding of government WASH policy;
• Familiar with the national hygiene and sanitation strategy and promotional approach.
Personal Characteristics / Skills:
• The Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist should demonstrate competence in some or all of the following:

Personal Characteristics / Skills:
The Water Engineer should demonstrate competence in some or all of the following:
• Building partnership;
• Stress tolerance;
• Commitment.
• Collaboration;
• People focus
• Fluent in local language both in spoken and written

Deadline of this Job: 01 October 2022
Job Description
Sher Ethiopia PLC operates the largest rose farm in the world in Ziway, in the vicinity of Lake Ziway. Besides this rose farm in Ziway which is located 160 kilometres south of the capital Addis Ababa, Sher Ethiopia also operates two other rose production farms: one in the village of Adami Tulu (5 kilometres south of Ziway) and one in the village of Koka (80 kilometres south of Addis Ababa).The combined greenhouse capacity of Sher Ethiopia amounts to ca. 500 hectares, where more than 1.1 billion roses are produced and exported each year in many varieties and colours. The production process includes: propagation, planting, crop maintenance, harvesting, grading, packing and transportation. All activities are performed by local employees (currently around 12.000 FTE). The roses are transported to the Netherlands where the export of the roses (around 3 million a day) is managed and distributed to the European retailers and other customers and /or by auction.

The dental surgeon shall provide overall dental medical services at the required professional level and shall perform the duties and responsibilities as required.

Job Requirements
Skillset of the candidate
• Good communication skills with workmates, other medical staff and patients
• The Dental surgeon must have excellent attention to detail to ensure the performance of the right procedures on the right patients
Required qualification and experiences
• Educational Status: BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgeon) OR DDM (Doctor of Dental Medicine) from recognized university
• Minimum of 1 year and maximum of 3 years of professional experience at Hospital level
• Applicant must have professional license and released letter (clearance)