Deadline of this Job: 05 October 2022
Job Description
Established in 2002, Universal Medical & Business College (UMBC), is one of the pioneers in the Ethiopian Private Higher Education sector. Since its establishment, UMBC has been offering quality education and training in various health fields including Pharmacy, Nursing and Public Health programs both at undergraduate degree and TVET/diploma level. The College lately has launched its 1st Postgraduate program, i.e. Public Health in Nutrition. Currently, having its headquarter around Hayahulet Mazoria, behind Dinberua Hospital, UMBC is on the verge of launching new Postgraduate and Undergraduate Programs in Business and Finance fields of studies along with expanding its existing programs in terms of level and catchment area. In doing so, the College invites qualified and interested applicants in the following vacant position/s who will assist in realizing its goal.

Major Duties and Responsibilities
• Helps (assures) the acquisition, classification, cataloguing, shelving and circulation of library materials, and the maintenance of records such as the issuing and returning of books, documents, etc.
• Provides reference service and carries out circulation related duties.
• Publicizes library facilities by organizing book displays and circulation book lists;
• Recommends appropriate sources of information to inquiries, complies reference lists and assembles the required materials;
• Supervises the maintenance of books and other materials and arranges repairs or rebinding as necessary;
• Guides and supervises all Assistant Librarians and monitors the cleanliness of the library;
• Conducts job performance evaluation for her/his campus Assistant Librarians;
• Performs related activities assigned by the Head Librarian.

Job Requirements
Summary of Job Requirements:

A campus librarian collects and stores recorded or published materials and retrieves and provides information as requested.
Educational Qualification & Experience
• BSc/BA in Computer Science, Information System/ Information Technology/ Statistics/ Management Information System or Related Fields;
• A minimum of 2 years related experience preferably in the Ethiopian Higher Education Institution/s of which at least two years as Head or Vice Head of library;

Essential Competencies & Qualities
• Familiarity to ETA’s HEMIS
• Oral & Written fluency in English and Amharic languages;
• Knowledge of the theories, principles & practices of management;
• Excellent communication, facilitation and networking skills; proven experience in coordinating & leading team/s;
• Strong analytical ability and problem solving skills;
• Excellent interpersonal & demonstrational skills;
• Good communication and report writing skills;
• Experience in Using and Managing Student Information Management System Software;
• Ability to work in pressures and to meet deadlines;
• Faithfulness to work ethics, to the rules and regulations in all aspects

Deadline of this Job: 26 September 2022
Job Description
Centre for Justice (CJ) is an independent and impartial Ethiopian Civil Society Organization working nationally to promote criminal justice systems that uphold human rights for all and advocating for the advancement of rule of law, human rights, access to justice, democratic governance, peace and the progressive reform of Ethiopian criminal Justice System. It was registered at Federal Civil Societies Organizations Authorities under Registration Number 0865.
The objectives of the organization includes promotion and protection of human rights in Ethiopia through strengthening the rule of law ; monitoring, documenting and reporting human rights violations, increasing access to justice human rights education , advocating for a national penal policy that promotes effective non-custodial responses to crime, and uses prison as a last resort, promoting humane conditions of detention and social rehabilitation and re-integration of prisoners and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies (Goal 16 of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda).
To realize its objective, CJ has been designing and carrying out a number of programs and activities based on intensive studies and researches.
• Justice for Children
• Women in the Criminal Justice System
• Pre-Trial Justice
• Legal Aid
• Vulnerable Groups
• Overcrowding
• Non-Custodial Alternatives to Imprisonment
• Rehabilitation & Reintegration
• Humane Treatment & Conditions for prisoners - Prison Conditions
• Health in Prisons
• Prison staff, Law enforcement and Government officials Training

Job Requirements
• HR- Management Background
• Finance , Accounting background
• Project officer /law , human rights and Social work background

Deadline of this Job: 27 September 2022
Job Description
Hope Enterprise University College (HEUC) is a higher education institution in Ethiopia, which is housed on five hectares of a beautiful, green and clean campus conductive for teaching-learning process and having student and faculty friendly environment. It is an accredited institution in three graduate programs namely, MBA, MSC in Accounting & Finance and MA in Organizational Leadership. It is also accredited in the following undergraduate programs: Architecture, Accounting and Finance, Management, Marketing Management, Information System, Information Technologyand Computer Science. Currently the university college is trying to strengthen its academic leadership by the way of recruiting the right candidate who is befitting for the position of Vice president for academic affairs, accordingly, any interested professional who can meet the following criteria can apply for the position.
• PhD or Assistant Professor in Business, leadership, management or related fields of study.
• At least five years of experience at senior leadership positions in the sector of HEIs
• An inspiring and visionary leader with integrity, empathy, humility and value adding work ethics.

Deadline of this Job: 27 September 2022
Job Description
Hope Enterprise University College (HEUC) is a higher education institution in Ethiopia, which is housed on five hectares of a beautiful, green and clean campus conductive for teaching-learning process and having student and faculty friendly environment. It is an accredited institution in three graduate programs namely, MBA, MSC in Accounting & Finance and MA in Organizational Leadership. It is also accredited in the following undergraduate programs: Architecture, Accounting and Finance, Management, Marketing Management, Information System, Information Technology and Computer Science.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Oversees the selection and organization of library materials based on one’s knowledge of a wide variety of scholarly and public information sources.
• Prepares and submits the annual budget of the office to the VPAA and administers the approved budget.
• Implements the policies and directives laid down by the university college pertaining to the library during day, evening and summer programs of the university college.
• Continually evaluates the efficacy of existing rules and practices regarding the work of the office and recommends modifications where necessary to the VPAA.
• Oversees the management and planning of the library.
• Provides guidelines on the technical processing aspect dealing with collection, management, coordination, cataloguing, and processing of books, journals and ICT materials on one hand and the readers services aspect on the other.
• Supervises assistants who prepare cards, computer records or other access tools that direct users to resources.
• Compiles list of books, periodicals, articles and audiovisual materials on particular subjects, analyze collections and recommend materials to faculties.
• Collects and organizes books, manuscripts and other materials in the fields of the university college.
• Spearheads the maintenance of computerized data bases for the library.
• Ensures that library patrons get proper assistance in finding information.
• Trains staff in the workings of the library and monitor and evaluate the same for efficient service.
• Responding to departmental needs, orders books and periodicals in English that are utilized by recognized international institutions of higher learning.
• Identifies, builds and updates a database of suppliers of books, periodicals and IT sources of information, and develop criteria for the selection of suppliers of books, periodicals and other sources of information and submit the same to the VPAA.
• Computerizes the workings of the library keeping up with the latest developments in this application of ICT within the library.
• Ensures that the facilities of the library are kept repaired.
• Ensures maximum care for the books and other learning resources of the library during use and storage.
• Oversees and ensures the cataloguing of resources and the accounting of each resource in the library.
• Ensures that all books are sequentially shelved constantly so that no patron misses them from the shelves.
• Develops the rules to govern the use of the library by students and the faculty an implement the same following an endorsement by the Senate.
• Ensures the correct and timely acquisition, accession and cataloguing of all information resources.
• Explores opportunities of e‐library and online learning that dovetail with the university college’s academic plan and make proposals to the VPAA for application.
• Leads the ICT use within the library.
• Liaises with the various faculties on an ongoing basis and cooperates in facilitating their requests on time.
• Ensures the cleanliness, freshness and ventilation of the library at all times.
• Ensures that all staff members are approachable and both staff members and users of the library carry themselves with the kind of decency that does not go counter to the standard of cleanliness, ambience, quiet and comfort of the library
• Ensures the safety and security of all resources in the library and oversee the binding and rebinding of books.
• Oversees a supportive reference section.
• Upholds to the values, vision and mission of Hope Enterprises and Hope University College and ensures the advancement of the same at the university college.
• Engages in other duties as assigned by the VPAA.

• MSc in Library Science or MSc in Computer Science and related fields.
• At least five-year experience as a library head in HEIS.

Deadline of this Job: 30 September 2022
Job Description
The overall responsibility of the position is responsible for the effective and qualitative education in emergency activity implementation in the filed in accordance of imagine 1day Emergency Education response plan. The Education in Emergency Officer will provide effective capacity and technical guidance in management including the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of education activities at the field level. S/he will ensure, day to day activity implementation closely with the Project coordinator or other Emergency Response Team members, all Education activities in the targeted communities or schools, in the IDPs sites and in host communities in the target districts of Guji Zone. The EiE Officer will work directly with woreda education office, Woreda women and children office, other government stakeholders who are working on multi sectorial response, IDP/Host community, teachers, facilitators and Community relays to ensure the implementation of the project based on the intended outcomes .. In general assist Program Coordinator by undertaking day-to-day micro leadership and management responsibilities of emergency education projects to deliver good quality of continued learning opportunity in line with Imagine1day policies and donor requirements in the designated region.

Specific functions and responsibilities
• Under the direct supervision of the Program Coordinator (PC), the program Officer is responsible for assisting the PC in ensuring the project implementation in effective and efficient way in the region of assignment.
• Play an active role in coordination and communication between and amongst district partners and relevant staff to ensure effective and efficient implementation of projects.
• Provide support to ensure that projects are implemented as per agreements and that technical quality is of the highest standards.
• Works with PC to ensure that the project receives the necessary professional and technical support, to assure rapid and effectively roll out of activities.
• Undertakes necessary tasks to bring activities get done, including organization of stakeholder meetings, facilitation of information exchange among partners, administrative and programmatic support for workshops and trainings.
• Updates work plans and program reports to assure all activities undertaken are appropriately recorded and reported.
• Support the program coordinator in day to day project implementation activities
• Organize in collaboration with community leaders and other education stakeholders the identification needy children and support as per project contents.
• Participate in monitoring projects and produce field reports and give feedback on the information and lessons obtained to the PC
• Follow on decisions made, understanding and agreements reached to enhance/improve the implementation of programs
• Monitors program implementation and budget utilization status to ensure that work is done in accordance with terms and conditions set forth by the project document and related work plans.
• Assist Program Coordinator in hosting donor trips and facilitating project visit for partners, donors and other stakeholders.
• Reports any concerns that need PC’s attention and supports necessary changes.
• Assist PC in following up and supporting project implementation or partner organizations and stakeholders
• Coordinate and collaborate in the development, production, printing, reprinting, storing and distribution of educational, supplementary and textual materials.
• Provide support to ensure effective documentation of project activities, outputs and impacts by district and schools.
• Collect monthly field reports and submit to the Program Coordinator timely
• Participates in the preparation of reports on project related activities as per the agreed schedule and formats.
• Represents Imagine1day on meetings related to the Imagine1day program when requested or delegated.
• S/he will contribute to and participate in strategic planning discussions for the Education platform and will maintain effective working relationships with key actors, partners and working groups

Job Requirements

• BA/MA Degree in Education, Educational Administration, Sociology, EDPM or other related fields.
• Extensive work experience relevant to education in emergency in both development and emergencies at least 2 years progressively responsible humanitarian and development work experience in EiE.
• Knowledge and experience in Education in emergency projects, their families and experience of education system in pastoral and semi pastoral areas are advantageous.

Technical skills:
• Experience in undertaking Educational project and enhancing the capacity if partners at local level.
• Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, both beneficiaries and partners.
• Fluency in written and spoken English.
• Excellent written and oral communication.
• Flexible, with ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks.
• Proficiency in word-processing and spreadsheet.
• Familiarity and experience working with government counterparts.