Deadline of this Job: 09 September 2022
About Flocash. • Flocash began with the vision to simplify doing business in Africa, by breaking down major barriers to trade and helping Africa to drive commerce at home and abroad. Today, FloCash is one of the world's largest providers of local payment options offering over 400 payment methods globally. Flocash is a leader in digital services & payments across Africa and have been recognized with numerous awards. In Ethiopia - Flocash pioneered ecommerce services and connects over 90% of the country's largest payment networks. Join a leader in global payments. Ethiopian at heart, global by nature. • We are looking for a creative content creator to develop brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online. This involves • developing content strategies, writing articles and features, growing an online community, and tracking that community’s growth, among other duties. Responsibilities: • Develop, write, and deliver copy for social media, website, email marketing campaigns, sales collateral, videos, and blogs that is customized and targeted to specific market segments. • To actively participate and lead in developing and executing content plan to publish content across all official distribution channels in line with the brand image and objectives. • To collect, monitor and analyze social and website metrics, and make improvements accordingly to ensure quality, clarity, and consistency • Develop an editorial calendar with a clear plan of action in both standalone projects and collaborative projects • Ensure compliance with law on all written, print, and digital content. (e.g. copyright and data protection) • Participate in development of Social Media Policy with a clear Crisis Management Plan • Provide editorial, creative, and technical support to team members and whenever called upon Job Requirements Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism/ Marketing/Communication or any other relevant field. • In-depth understanding of content marketing tactics, such as SEO, digital advertising, and social media marketing • Strong Google Analytics, WordPress, and Adobe InDesign skills • Proven work experience as a Content creator (Min of 2 years with evidence of work done). Skills: • Ability to develop content that provokes engagement • Demonstrated ability to lead content marketing campaigns • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Ability to analyze website traffic and users’ engagement metrics How to Apply CV Submission Requirements: Please submit your CV in PDF format containing the following four sections ONLY. • Full Name, Email & mobile number • Education background • Skillset • Work history

Deadline of this Job: 09 September 2022
Duties and Responsibilities
• Works directly with senior management of the organization to develop marketing programs, design marketing strategies, and implement marketing campaigns.
• Provides leadership and direction in the development, implementation, and monitoring of the strategic marketing plan for the organization.
• Designs, writes, and oversees the production of printed promotional materials including catalogues, brochures, flyers, and program and media guides; designs layouts and prepares copy
• Establishes and implements short and long range marketing goals, objectives, policies, and procedures for the organization; evaluates program effectiveness and effects changes required for improvement.
• Provides support for promotional special events such as open houses, book signings, fundraisers, outreach and community events, tours, press conferences, banquets, exhibits, product or service fairs, and athletic events.
• Establishes and maintains a staffing structure to support the marketing efforts of the organization; oversees a team of marketing support staff, to include performance evaluation, training and motivation, and direct participation in personnel actions.
• Develops and manages annual marketing budgets for the organization, regularly monitors expenditures; prepares summary assessments and reports.
• Initiates and implements direct outreach marketing efforts to potential external customers on behalf the unit's programs and services.
• Serves as public information contact, as appropriate, for the organization, and maintains communications with University community.
• Conducts market research and analysis, and establishes data management and tracking systems to improve the organization's marketing efforts.
• Represents the organization at various community and business meetings; provides consultation and collaborates on projects with other University and/or external society; may present public programs or lectures, conduct facility tours, and manage exhibit space at local, national, and international conferences
• Recommends and participates in the development of University policies and procedures; may serve on University planning and policy-making committees.
• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
• Employment type: Full time (1 year contract with possible extension)

Deadline of this Job: 09 September 2022
Duties and Responsibilities
• Designs, writes, develops, and prepares various informational and/or technical materials for publication.
• Assists in the development of and manages production and delivery of publications, including brochures, flyers, posters, direct mail promotions, calendars, and other marketing support materials; writes, designs, and produces materials as required.
• Serves as unit liaison and coordinator on public and/or media relations issues; responds as appropriate to both internal and external requests for public information.
• Designs, constructs, and implements informational web sites as appropriate to the general communications, public relations, and/or promotional needs of the organization.
• Provides support, and represents the organization at various promotional events and business/community meetings, as assigned or as appropriate.
• Assists in the development and implementation of a variety of special events and promotional activities.
• Develops and manages a promotional display and signage program and assists with sales and market analysis.
• Assists in assessing needs and planning and formulating the organization's public/media relations policies, strategies, and responses.
• Initiates and oversees the establishment of integrated strategies, plans, and programs designed to ensure that all communication and public relations efforts are cohesive, consistent, and effective in supporting the mission and advancement goals of the organization.
• Plans, develops, directs, and coordinates comprehensive communication programs, to include media, public affairs and publications, in close collaboration with other institutional communications and/or public relations activities.
• Provides direct and proactive advice, consultation, and assistance to all consultant representatives, as well as the university community, regarding public information matters, to include providing direct assistance in researching, providing information and developing messages.
• Serves as the designated spokesperson for the organization and its affiliates, if applicable.
• Coordinates surveys, evaluations and assessments of external communications activities in order to determine the effectiveness of the organization's communications plans.
• Assures quality and appropriateness of institutional communication programs and initiatives, whether internally or externally produced.
• Assists and advises members of the university community regarding public relations issues; assists administrative officers in planning and formulating policies, strategies, and responses relative to institutional issues and crisis management.
• Provides public relations information to the university community; plans and directs development and communication of information designed to keep public informed of university's programs, accomplishments, or points of view.
• Responds to requests for information from media personnel and the public; distributes promotional materials, including flyers, brochures, and press kits; disseminates information via the appropriate media.
• Writes, edits, reviews, and approves public relations materials including news releases, articles, speeches, on-line information services; develops marketing and public relations materials for designated university client departments.
• Participates as appropriate in the planning, development, and/or implementation of web-based and other emerging communication technologies, methods, resources, concepts, and standards, within overall goals and parameters set by senior management.
• Designs, writes scripts, and over-sees production of audio/video and/or printed promotional and public affairs materials; may supervise production budgets.
• Recommends and participates in the development of organizational policies and procedures; may serve on organizational planning and policy-making committees.
• Establishes and implements short- and long-range organizational goals, objectives, strategic plans, policies, and operating procedures; monitors and evaluates programmatic and operational effectiveness, and effects changes required for improvement.
• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements
• Master’s/Bachelor degree in marketing, management, business administration, Communication, Public Relations, Media studies, Journalism or related fields and 7/9 years of experience as manager

Abilities and skills
• Knowledge of the principles, procedures, and standards of integrated web site structuring and design.
• Ability to develop and deliver presentations and skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
• Knowledge of communication principles, media, public relations and marketing techniques.
• Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials and technical writing skills.
• Ability to plan and create communications that are responsive to the needs of the organization.
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of individuals and in a diverse community.
• Ability to establish and implement cohesive communication and public relations strategies and plans on an institutional basis.
• Knowledge and understanding of the mission, goals, and objectives of a major educational and research institution.
• Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.
• Outstanding interpersonal and community relations skills and the ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse community.
• Ability to analyse complex problems, interpret operational needs, and develop integrated, creative solutions.
• Organizational planning, structuring, and staffing, financial planning and fiscal management skills.
• Ability to use independent judgment and to gather, manage and impart information to the media and various other internal and external audiences.
• Experience communicating with the press and other media.
• Ability to provide effective advice and counsel on strategic and/or critical communication issues and to exercise effective judgement.
• Ability to write executive-level communications for internal and external audiences.
• Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned
Deadline of this Job: 10 September 2022
Salary Offer: As per Company Scale
Experience Level: Senior
Total Years Experience: 6
Job Requirement
Educational Qualification: BA Degree in Marketing Management and relate fields
Work Experience: Minimum 6 years work experience in a similar field as Marketing Research & Promotion position.
Additional skills: Good Knowledge and experience in Marketing Research & Promotion