Deadline of this Job: 15 August 2022

Job Description
Position Purpose: Supporting the health service by collecting and distributing medicines, registering prescriptions, giving them to patients, and teaching them how to use medicines

Role and responsibilities
• Identifies medicines needed for the room and spends them on storage.
• Sort on the basis of the nature and importance of medicines;
• Identifies expired medications, registers and reports to the head of the department: Removes from the room as needed.
• Calculates quantity, distributes to patients based on prescription drugs, records and prescribes prescriptions carefully.
• Provide adequate information to patients on dosage and use of prescription drugs
• Provides professional advice on the use of cosmetics and various cosmetic products.
• Provides professional advice on health-care foods and products for health care.
• Carries out work to make pharmacy rooms a comfortable and convenient work environment.
• Conducts annual inventory of medicines and medical supplies.
• Dispose of expired medications based on disposal instructions.
• Records activities and reports to the nearest supervisor.
• Records batch number of medical supplies and equipment;
• Arrange medicines and medical equipment carefully and carefully so that they do not become damaged or damaged in the light of their characteristics and time of use.
• Performs the proper filling and storage of patient information as well as medicines, medical card stock, bin card, etc.
• Performs work to make drug storage rooms a comfortable and convenient work environment
• Ensures that chemicals and equipment needed for spice are in the right place, at a cost; Brings.
• Keep pharmaceuticals, chemicals and chemicals clean.
• Posts the content and instructions for use of prescription drugs;
• Contains, organizes, and analyzes information on the use of drugs and medical devices using computer technology; Prepares a report.
• Applies a method of quality control of drugs
• Applies pollution prevention methods
• Awareness rising on drug use, side effects and treatment
• Keeps the working room materials clean
• Provides first aid for victims of accidents and other causes
• Perform other activities as directed by Manger, or Supervisor

Required No: 01
Duty Station: Menagesha Rehabilitation Center
Job Requirements
Diploma or level III in druggist or pharmacy

2 years and above

Deadline of this Job: 15 August 2022
Job Description
Cheshire Ethiopia is an Ethiopian Resident Charity and invites qualified applicants for Physiotherapy and Clinic Unit Leader position.

Job Summary:
Under the general supervision of the Program Officer, the Physiotherapy & Clinic Unit Leader is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the overall physiotherapy functions at the Center.

Specific Duties And Responsibilities:
• Tests and measures patients and records findings to develop or revise treatment program
• Meets with multidisciplinary team at the center to discuss on the appropriate type of treatment for the patient
• Plans and prepares written treatment program based on the evaluation and discussions held at the multidisciplinary team meeting
• Administers manual exercises to improve and maintain function
• Orders prosthesis or orthotic devices for the patients after proper examinations
• Conducts pre-prosthesis treatments for the patients
• Participant in the admission of children from age five to twelve years to the center for further treatment
• Instructs, motivates and assists patients to perform various physical activities
• Administers massage, applying knowledge of massage techniques and body physiology
• Administers traction to relieve pain, using traction equipment
• Records treatment, responses and progress in patient chart for both outpatients and admitted patients
• Instructs patient and family on procedures to be continued at home
• Evaluates fits and adjusts prosthesis and/or orthotic devices and recommends modification
• Orders wheelchair or other walking devices as found appropriate and train the patients on how to use the device
• Orients, instructs and directs work the activities of assistants
• May writes technical reports about the activities of the work unit
• Performs any other related duties assigned to him/her by the Program Officer.
• Work Unit: Physiotherapy & Clinic Unit
• Immediate Supervisor: Centers Manager
Required: 1
Duty station: Menagesha Rehabilitation Center

Job Requirements

BSC in physiotherapy