Deadline of this Job: 27 November 2022

DB/ Vacancy-0321/22
Job Summary
• The Senior Research and Market Intelligence Officer is responsible for carrying out qualitative or quantitative researches to undertake feasibility of new market entry opportunities and area potential; assessing local, regional and global economic, social, political and financial environment and their implications to the Bank. In addition, the job holder is responsible for conducting/initiating studies and reviews on the Bank’s services which include mobilization of deposits, foreign currency, E-Banking and credit services to ensure market leadership.

Job Requirements
Academic & Professional Qualification

•  Bachelor Degree in Economics, Business Administration, Management and/or related fields.

•  At least five (5) years’ post qualification experience in a similar role.

Behavioral Competency
•  Interpersonal and cross cultural skills, including ability to build collaborative relationship with sensitivity to diversity/inclusion.
•  Creativity and innovation skill
•  Action oriented
•  Quality focus and attention to detail
•  Professionalism and integrity in line with Dashen Bank Values
•  Good oral and written communication skills
•  Personal motivation drive exhibited through commitment to hard work, continuous improvement and achievement of goals.
•  Good customer relationship management skill (internal & external)
•  Risk awareness and focus-demonstrates understanding of risk management practice, standards and regulatory requirements.

Required Technical Competency
•  Experience in VMware virtualization design, build and administration.  Analytical skills with the ability to work with large amounts of data: facts, figures, and number crunching.
•  Ability to examine numbers, trends, and data and come to new conclusions based on the findings.
•  Adequate knowledge of Banking and finance (local and international).
•  Corporate and conceptual thinking abilities.
•  Project management skills.

Deadline of this Job: 25 November 2022

Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) is a technical arm of the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia responsible in conducting research in health and nutrition, managing public health emergency and providing reference laboratory service. Currently the Institute is leading COVID-19 preparedness and responses activities in collaboration with other organizations and stakeholders. The research directorates of the Institute are closely working with emergency operation center to make all program decision evidence based.

Job Description
1) Coordinate the write up of the research projects
2) Writing manuscript and publishing papers on COVID-19
3) Technically lead activities data analysis, manuscript write up, planning, monitoring, and evaluating of progresses
4) Organizes workshop and conferences
5) Participate in collecting, reviewing, archiving of primary and secondary data relevant to research projects
6) Liaise with EPHI research directorate/units
7) Map partners (who is doing what), compile outputs of COVID-19 related research activities
8) Produce policy briefs from rigorous systematic reviews, in-depth analysis of studies etc.
9) Network with ministry of health, regional health bureaus and partners
10)Support other Operations Research and related activities as needed

Job Requirements
PhD in epidemiology or public health from a recognized academic institution is required. A specialized training in research methods, public health systems or related is an advantage.
The incumbent must have experience of at least five years in research work with published articles in recognized scientific journals. Hands on experience in designing research tools, training, and supervising research teams; preferably in academic or research institutions is an asset.

Desired Competencies
• Ability to coordinate activities in research and/or academic and public health institutes
• Ability to conceptualize, devise and lead research, research strategies/ research themes
• Demonstrated experience in writing research proposals and protocols; designing tools; and conducting interviews, focus group discussions
• Be familiar with local and international research ethics
• Be able to use statistical software such as Stata, SPSS, R or SAS etc.
• Demonstrated research communication and interpersonal communication skills
• Experience working with existing health policies, strategies and plans of the country
• Ability to coordinate research workshops and conferences
• Ability to develop evidence use tracking mechanisms at national and regional levels
• Ability in disseminating research findings with different; publication, policy briefs