Deadline of this Job: 25 November 2022

Job summary
Under the supervision of the Technical Head/ MCH Specialty Centre Manager, Midwife Nurse performs delivery services at the labour ward; assists doctors and specialists help delivery services; ensures the women in labour get all the necessary support, ensures the tools and instruments for the delivery room are readily available; performs the duties in accordance with accepted standard medical practice and professional code of conduct

• Takes active part in the provision of services in the labour and maternity ward;
• Provides labour follow-up and attend normal deliveries;
• Ensures all instruments needed for delivery services are readily in place;
• Assists normal delivery including vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery;
• Provides immediate new born care;
• Provides immediate postnatal follow up and timely consultation when problems arise;
• Assists postpartum women in initiating breast feeding postpartum women on danger signs, family planning and HTC;
• Provides counselling to labouring and postpartum women;
• Assists doctors as Theatre Nurse and undertakes all standard measures required for procedures;
• Prepares all surgical instruments, sets and medical supplies required for operation in accordance with accepted standards;
• Assists doctors intra-operatively (as a Scrub Nurse, Circulating Nurse, etc.) and makes the instruments ready for other operations as required;
• Co-works with the scrub nurses in the OR as a runner/ circulator;
• Puts the interest of clients / patients above all other considerations and ensures the confidentiality of all cases;
• Ensures proper receipt, storage, safe keep, issuance and timely placement of orders of surgical instruments and medical supplies for theatre by pre-establishing re-order level and regular replenishment of enough stocks of the same;
• Ensures the maintenance of high level standards and applies universal precautions to infection prevention;
• Avails herself / himself to regular stock taking and audit as and when required;
• Prepares and submits periodic reports as required;
• Make an on-time report for the clinical incident happened in the center as per the guideline of MSIE.
• Performs related tasks as required.

Deadline of this Job: 24 November 2022

To strengthen the diagnostic capacity of laboratories for antimalarial drug resistance surveillance including standardization of testing procedures appropriate use of antimalarial drug resistance laboratory commodities. The antimalarial drug resistance laboratory manager needs to have an extensive experience molecular technique, tools and approaches, in-depth knowledge and experience of the overall laboratory quality management systems.

3. Specific Tasks/Responsibilities
•Develop plan of action based on surveillance operational manual for the specific antimalarial drug resistance surveillance at national and site levels.
• Strengthen Anti-malaria drug resistance national reference laboratory
• Ensure the overall quality of antimalarial drug resistance laboratory at national and site level.
• Develop and ensure the availability of laboratory polices,protocols, appropriate tools and standard operating procedures (SOP).
• Checks all internal quality control procedures are in place and implemented.
• Support laboratories to involve in External quality assurance system
• Ensure the availability of antimalarial drug resistance commodities and reagents at national and site level.
• Ensure proper maintenance of laboratory diagnostic devices and equipment, with a focus on antimalarial drug resistance-related devices and equipment
• Involved in specimen management including optimal specimen transport of isolates from sites identified for antimalarial drug resistance surveillance,
•Create smooth communication with EPHI and surveillance sites,
• Close support to sites in inventory control, specimen collection, processing and package
• Support sites on documentation, quality data collection and transferring of data to EPHI,
• Compiling and reporting surveillance activities performed to Antimalarial drug resistance project coordinator or malaria and NTDs research team leader on quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis
•Working closely with antimalarial drug resistance coordinator and the team,
• Participate in Antimalarial drug resistance surveillance coordination technical meetings
• Any other task deemed necessary to achieve the objectives of the project assigned by immediate supervisor and Directorate
4. Reporting
• The Antimalarial drug resistancesurveillance laboratory quality management officer will report to theMalaria and NTDs research team leader and closely working with AMR surveillance national coordinator
• The Antimalarial drug resistance surveillance laboratory quality management officer will be based at the Ba/Pa/Zo Research Directorate; Malaria and NTDs research team (malaria drug resistance PI).

Deadline of this Job: 21 November 2022

Job Description
About Redat Healthcare Company
Redat is a home and in-clinic healthcare company committed to bringing the highest standards of healthcare and healing to the communities that the company is going to serve in the premises of our clinics and in the comfort of their own home. Our ability to create an easy and customized healthcare alternative for its clients comes from our leadership’s many years of experience in the Ethiopian health sector and our numerous partnerships with renowned medical facilities. We are committed to bringing its clients the best doctors, nurses, therapists, and technologically advanced homecare available. The company’s focus is its clients and their unique needs, and it looks forward to supporting you on your health and healing journey by providing our wide range of home health and disease management services.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Provide basic first-aid treatment as needed
• Respond appropriately to emergency calls
• Assess a person’s condition and know how to provide proper medical care
• providing emergency medical care to: ü assist in emergency childbirth, ü manage general medical complaints of altered mental status, respiratory, cardiac, diabetic, allergic reaction, seizures, poisoning behavioral emergencies, environmental emergencies, and psychological crises. Additional care is provided based upon assessment of the patient and obtaining historical information.
• ventilating patients;
• administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including use of automated external defibrillators;
• providing prehospital emergency medical care of simple and multiple system trauma such as controlling hemorrhage, treatment of shock (hypoperfusion), bandaging wounds, immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed extremities, immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed neck or spine;
• Put together an initial plan of care to quickly stabilize an individual in distress
• Communicate clearly and effectively with other first responders and emergency medical staff, and personnel
• Document medical care given to patients
• Report patient observations to appropriate medical professionals
• Maintains clinical records in line with regulations and standards
• Inventory, replace, and clean supplies and equipment after use
• cleans all equipment following appropriate disinfecting procedures,
• makes careful check of all equipment so that the emergency car or ambulance is ready for the next run
• maintains emergency car or ambulance in efficient operating condition
• ensures that the emergency car or ambulance is clean and washed and kept in a neat orderly condition
• in accordance with local, state or federal regulations, decontaminates the interior of the vehicle after transport of patient with contagious infection or hazardous materials exposure.
• Conduct other additional related activities given by supervisor.