Deadline of this Job: 25 November 2022


Job Overview/Summary:

Are you passionate about using technology to improve monitoring and evaluation? We are growing our team to improve the use of technology in M&E. Together we will develop and deploy new data tools, transition from paper to electronic data collection, and improve our data flows.
Reporting directly to the MEAL Coordinator, you will strengthen the MEAL efforts, approaches, and systems to foster use of data for program quality improvement and decision making and support IRC’s global and measurement ambitions of Strategy 100 and the Country Strategic Action Plan. You will oversee the MEAL functions of Ethiopia Country Program.

Responsibilities: -
• Deployment of technologies for data collection
• Undertaking technology needs assessments for IRC programs to support evidence generation for Strategic Action Plan and programmatic consumption.
• Designing and implementing project plans for countries/programs transitioning to new data collection tools
• Configuration of non-standard project/program indicators in data collection tools
• Ensuring data validation is well embedded in the structure of data collection tools
• Collaborating with program, MEAL, IT, and supply chain teams to plan purchase of devices
• System training and ongoing end-user support for IRC staff and partners
• Supporting data management, analysis, and visualization
• Set up and maintain database and dashboard for visualizing M&E data using standard XLSX and PBIX templates for all projects in IRC Ethiopia Country Program.
• Support MEAL team in data collection, reporting, management, and real time visualization
• Support in Indicators data tracking and visualization with UpToDate technology applications
• Undertaking data quality assessments for current databases
• Migration or transformation of existing project or country level data into standard data structures
• Providing training to M&E staff on indicator databases and dashboards
• Understanding user needs and ensuring these needs are well understood throughout the team
• Gathering user feedback on data tools during and after deployment
• Participating in requirements capturing and user acceptance testing (UAT) for new tools
• Sharing user feedback with colleagues in IT and other team feedback

Job Requirements
At least 4 years of professional experience, technology tools use in humanitarian/development work.
BSc/MSc in Information Science, Computer Science, Data Science, Informatics, Database Management, Statistics, Information Management System or related subject with solid database management knowledge and skills.
Experience configuring and deploying Commcare, Kobo, Power BI, SQL Server, or Power Apps
Experience of providing technology support and training
Knowledge of standard methodologies in database design
Ability to work independently and efficiently in a multifaceted environment

Deadline of this Job: 21 November 2022


Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• Support in the development, implementation, and administration of database information systems to gather and process information required for DTM implementation, using standard design principles and patterns to attain high re-usability and maintainability.
• Assist in creating database structures, and end-user interfaces and in preparation of business requirement documentation and training materials.
• Improve and automate data validation mechanisms to support operational and reporting systems.
• Proactively monitor integrated processes/database use, especially by field staff, and contact users to identify difficulties related to the database, server, or connectivity.
• Maintain and expand the DTM Portal, implementing new requirements and functionalities, as needed.
• Support in designing and developing DTM forms, using KOBO Toolbox.
• Participate in the revision of the tools
• Support the cleaning and analysis of data. Ensure data consistency and provide statistical information and mapping.
• Develop and implement proper backup, restore, data validation, and security procedures to ensure data integrity and availability
• Verify the information and accuracy of the data in the system and ensure that reported figures are the same as the ones stored in the system.
• Support in conducting triangulation of information
• Support in managing and training of the data entry clerks to ensure the quality of data entered into IOM databases.
• Ensure adherence to data protection policies following procedures put in place for requests for data changes, access, and general database use.
• Perform other duties as they might be assigned.

Job Requirements
Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field from an accredited academic institution with a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience.
Five years’ experience in software development (ASP.NET, C#), SQL database development, experience in developing web-based database applications using php and JavaScript;
Experience in data/information management, previous experience with IOM DTM an advantage;
Ability to verify, clean, and process data using MS SQL Server and MS Excel required;
Ability to design and maintain databases using MS SQL Server (Administration and Query);
Knowledge of mobile data collection, Kobo Toolbox (XLS Form design and data management);
Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

• Good knowledge of Word, Excel and the internet. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Values and competencies
• The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the following values and competencies:

Deadline of this Job: 22 November 2022

Job Requirement
• ተፈላጊ የት/ት ደረጃ: በኮምፒውተር ሳይንስ፣ በኢንፎርሜሽን ቴክኖሎጂ እና ተዛማች ዘርፍ የተመረቀ/ች
• ተፈላጊ የሥራ ልምድ: በዲግሪ 2 ዓመት በዲፕሎማ 4 ዓመት የሰራ/ች(የዲጅታል ማርኬቲንግ እና የኔትዎርኪንግ ዕውቀት ያለው/ላት)

የሥራ ቦታ:አዲስ አበባ