Deadline of this Job: 13 November 2022

Job Description
Woda Metal Industry PLC has invited qualified applicants for the Business Assistant job position for it's head office and for factory located at sebeta city

Handling office tasks, such as
• Filing, generating reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies.
• Providing real-time scheduling support by booking appointments and preventing conflicts.
• Making travel arrangements, such as booking flights, cars, and making hotel and restaurant reservations.
• Screening phone calls and routing callers to the appropriate party.
• Using computers to generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research.
• Anticipate the needs of others in order to ensure their seamless and positive experience.
• Undertake other related duties as may reasonably be assigned to you by the supervisor or department manager

Job Requirements

• BA in any field of study
• 0 years' experience & GPA greater than 2.75

Job Experience: No Requirements

Deadline of this Job: 14 November 2022


Major Activities
• Builds awareness of key target partners and networks in the landscape restoration sector & World vision FMNR Best practice.
• Communicates regularly with target partner organisations and networks to build relationships in collaboration with the technical Program Environment & climate change Technical Team
• Assesses and develops scalable financial and business models for ongoing sustainability of National Chapters and Centers of Excellence
• Achieves agreed partnership, networking and funding targets using in line with WVE existing partnership strategy & Government relation approach
• Project management tools are created with the ability to track quality and effectiveness and to use adaptive management strategies for continuous improvement; opportunities are fulfilled against an agreed business model.
• Lead the development of end-to-end management processes, documentation and reporting frameworks with pertinent organizational divisions like Program effectiveness, learning & strategy (PELS), Communication & Government relation.
• Ensure impact measurement framework is implemented, monitored, verified and results reported to partners and supporters.
• Budgets are developed, managed and reported back to supporters and partners.
• Standard operating procedures are developed, and these (and other relevant polices and standards) are adhered to, and continue to be improved upon.
• Conduct training to further build skills within National office to improve staff expertise in developing partnerships and networks.
• Explore experiences and best practices of FMNR within WVE program areas and integrate into the advocacy and capacity building strategy of the program
• Closely work with WVE Environment & climate change Technical Team and try to integrate, harmonize and create synergy for wider dissemination and implementation of FMNR practices by diverse stakeholders.
• Lead the knowledge management of the project with existing FMNR Sponsorship & Grant Projects
• Actively participate in global networks in landscape restoration to reinforce World Vision as a key partner.
• Actively participate in sector and donor networks and forums, both in Australia and National Chapter partner countries, to raise the profile of WV FMNR programs and expertise.
• Prioritize targeted relationships with existing and new technical and implementing organizations to deepen the impact of WV FMNR programming.
• Other duties to be assigned by his manager

Job Requirements

• Experience (the experience gained - including environment, timeframe and context)
• Experience in professional roles in Natural resource management, program and business development, particularly in Natural Resource Management (Minimum 12 years).
• Demonstrated experience in working closely within multidisciplinary teams, either for grant acquisition, program design, or ongoing management, monitoring and evaluation.
• Business acumen and entrepreneurship
• Planning and organizing
• Capacity building and Facilitation skills
• Advising and Influencing, Critical thinking
• Strong interpersonal, negotiation and networking skills
• Awareness of current industry trends and cutting-edge research and approaches


• A minim of Msc degree in Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Agriculture, Rural Development and related fields
• Understanding of key challenges in international development, and appreciation of community-led development approaches
• Understanding of key donors as they relate to the landscape restoration, NRM and agriculture sectors
• Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement
• Work environment: Office-based 50%
• Travel: 50% project site, RO, HO and CPO travel

Deadline of this Job: 16 November 2022

Job Requirement
• የትምህርት ደረጃ: ዲፕሎማና ከዚያ በላይ
• የሥራ ልምድ: 2 ዓመትና ከዚያ በላይ
• ፒስትሪ አካዉንቲንግ የመጠቀም ችሎታ ያላት/ለዉ

የሥራ ቦታ፡አዲስ አበባ

Deadline of this Job: 15 November 2022
Job Requirement
• ከታወቀ ዩኒቨርስት/ ኮሌጅ በሴክሬተርያል ሳይንስ/ ማናጅሜነት/ በአካውንቲንግ ወይም ተዛማጅ የትምህርት መስክ , አንድ አመትና ከዚያም በለይ በሙያው የሰራች
• 10+3 ወይም ደረጃ IV ድፕሎማና ከዚያም በላይ,ሁለት አመትና ከዚያም በላይ
• ጾታ:ሴት

Job Experience: No Requirements

Deadline of this Job: 19 November 2022

Job Requirement
• የትምህርት ደረጃ : በሴክረተሪ ዲግሪ/ዲፕሎማ
• የሥራ ልምድ : 1 ዓመት ጀምሮ
• ብዛት: 2