Deadline of this Job: 10 November 2022  
Job Summary
• ተፈላጊ የት/ደረጃና የሥራ ልምድ፡ ከታወቀ የትምህርት ተቋም በመካኒካል ኢንጅነሪንግ ዲግሪና የ2 ዓመት የሥራ ልምድ ወይም 10+1ና ከዚያ በላይ በጀነራል መካኒክ ሠርተፍኬት ወይም አግባብ ያለው የትምህርት ደረጃና በታወቀ ጨርቃ ጨርቅ ፍብሪካ በልብስ ስፌት ማሽን ጥገና ቢያንስ 3 ዓመት የሥራ ልምድ ያለው
• ዕድሜ፡ ከ18 ዓመት በላይ8

Deadline of this Job: 12 November 2022
Position summary:
The seed system within the inputs program of the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, is setup to strengthen the seed industry so that it can deliver sufficient quantities of high-quality seeds of improved varieties in a timely manner so that farmers are enable to increase their yield and household income. The program works in close partnership with relevant stakeholders in the design and implementation of strategic interventions that will address systemic bottlenecks of the seed system across the value chain.
Among these deliverables is the Institutional Support for Seed Systems in Ethiopia (ISSSE) Project supporting partners in the production and delivery of quality EGS with sufficient volume, enhancing the capacity of seed quality assurance and create enabling environments through drafting and enacting of policy documents. The role of the seed expert is to support the implementation of these major component of the project and contribute on the liberalization of the seed system.

Essential Duties:
The expert is responsible to popularize the project, build the capacity of partners and enable them to reach more SHFs with quality seed, support establishment of institutions responsible to assure ensure seed quality assurance system and create enabling policy environment to seed actors.
The Senior Technical Expert is accountable to provide input on project design, technical support on project implementation, coordinate the annual project performance evaluations to identify key strengths, lessons and challenges and plan for the next year and report to the project manager. The expert is accountable for effective delivery of the following KPIs:
1. Support to the Project Lead: Oversight the Ethiopian seed system with emphasis to the EGS production and supply, improve access by SHF to quality assured seed and provide improvement areas to enhance operation of the project.
2. Support to the project leader:-Oversight institutional capacity building to undertake quality assurance, support in drafting, validation and endorsement of enabling policy documents to enhance the function of a healthy seed system.
3. Annual project planning: support the analysis, validation, prioritization and planning of the National Agriculture Research (NARS) and the effectiveness of Public EGS.
• Support the enhancement of EGS production and marketing by NARI partners.
• Support and strengthen seed technology research in the NARIs strengthened.
• Assist to develop and maintain overall work plan for project and corresponding budget on an annual and quarterly basis; monitor project and update/adjust accordingly.
4. Capacity development: conduct critical assessments to identify capacity gaps hindering effective transition and implementation of the project and provide capacity building training accordingly.
5. Linkage and stakeholder management: - Participate on project related meetings, providing technical input to the project delivery and ensure updates on project progress, risks, and risk mitigation plans.

Job Requirements
• A minimum Master’s degree in fields such as plant science (breeding, agronomy, protection), Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business Management and related fields.
• At least 6 years’ experience on the Ethiopian seeds system EGS and certified as seed production marketing distribution
• Strong capabilities in problem solving, project and stakeholder management.
• Strong experience of project team management as well as liaising with senior decision-makers.
• Exceptional ability to communicate consistently, clearly, and effectively with a range of stakeholders in a cross-cultural environment.

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