Deadline of this Job: 28 October 2022
Job Summary:
• The mentor will be responsible for assisting the Health facilities in strengthening the ecosystem of data quality improvement and information use for monitoring and evaluation, learning, and informed programmatic decision-making. He/She will be responsible for maintaining regular mentorship to health facilities and assist the day-to-day technical data quality improvement, and use related activities. He/she will mentor, coach for building the capacity of data clerks, program and M&E staffs on both paper based and electronic HIS including EMR-ART,ETORRS in data management, data quality assurance, data analysis, and information use. He/ She is expected to have a hands-on experience in health information management system implementation and strong analytical, supervisory and mentorship skills. He/she will provide Data Quality oversight in the form of data error detection, correction and prevention. The mentor will monitor data collected, stored, transformed and/or used from a variety of systems and sources in order to ensure that it conforms to a set of defined minimum acceptable standards and satisfies program requirements.

Duties And Responsibilities
• Support the implementation and utilization of both paper based and eHIS systems including EMR-ART, ETORRS/LIS, Pharmacy and EMR-Provider view system
• Identify gaps in adherence to data management standards and work with appropriate partners to develop plans to close gaps.
• Work closely with Region and health facilities to provide analytic and project management support to data quality improvement and data use initiatives
• Periodically communicate insights on the materiality of identified data quality issues and their potential impact/s
• Liaise with the central DQI and Data Use advisor ensure regional implementation of appropriate strategies and tools developed for strengthening the use of health data, identify data quality challenges at different levels, and build capacity to implement different DQI mechanisms through mentorship.
• Mentor data clerks and M&E staffs at the facility in HIV Data quality assurance, data analysis and interpretation and use of data for performance review and continuous quality improvement.
• Build capacity and ability to generate report, data quality assurance, tracking, dissemination, analysis and use of routine health data for evidence-based decision making at regional and lower levels through focused mentorship and coaching.
• Identify and mentor champions of data quality and information use at health facility level and further develop their capacity as leaders for improving data-informed decision-making.
• Facilitate the use of EMR-ART and other information systems for data analysis, visualization, and decision-making.
• Support the regular updating of electronic information system at facilities
• Actively participate in documentation of experiences, lessons learned, case studies and other technical documents.
• Participate in regular progress update meetings with data quality improvement team, which include providers, Data clerks, unit heads and MRU personnel.
• Provide technical support for HFs to identify, manage, package and disseminate key health information to facilitate evidence-based decision making at the point of data collection.
• Submit a weekly and monthly report on technical assistance activities, as well as findings and recommendations for strengthening data quality assurance and use practices and compliance with the national guidelines.
• Build capacity on health information systems at different levels through organizing mentorship, training and workshops.
• Facilitate the use of data through the application of innovative approaches at different levels.
• Participate in coordination of project activities and produce periodic project performance reports and submit as required
• Carry out other tasks as required.

Job Requirements
• BSc in Health Sciences, MSc in Health informatics, M&E or Public Health from a reputable College/ University is preferred.
• Minimum experience of 5 years for BSc and 4 years for Masters
• Basic computer knowledge with ability to use the MS office applications
• Experience with HIV/AIDS related information system ·
• Both English and Amharic language skills required
• Expertise in using EMR and other health information system is a plus
• Expertise in statistical software and computer use proficiency.

Competency Requirements:
• Ability to analyze and interpret data and write reports.
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with people of different backgrounds.
• Ability to apply problem-solving skills to ongoing challenges.
• Strong organizing, planning, and prioritizing skills.
• Capacity to operate both as a team player in large diverse teams as well as individually.
• Demonstrated exceptional coaching and mentoring ability.
• Self-motivated with a strong work ethic.

Deadline of this Job: 29 October 2022
Overview of the Project
The overall objective of the project is to rebuild public infrastructure (such as health centers and schools) as well as enhance the lives of women who have been victims of gender-based violence.

Duties and Responsibilities;
• Develop a specific M&E plan for the project based on the overall project log frame, and take the lead for its implementation;
• Develop contextual and specific M&E tools for the collection and reporting of project log frame indicators;
• Establish and maintain monitoring systems to measure the overall performance, track project performance, field checking and feedback system to project staff at all levels;
• Analyze the plan versus achievements of the project and identify justifications for under or over-achievements;
• Organizing field monitoring and evaluation of program sites;
• Assists the project staff in understanding activity/output project-level data;
• Analyze achievement against budget and advise project staff on cost-effectiveness;
• Ensure the implementation of project M&E plans/framework.
• Collects, processes, evaluates or analyses data and makes projections;
• Develops formats/questionnaires for gathering statistical data;
• Work closely with other project staff to achieve the project outcomes effectively.
• Compiles and prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual reports on the overall performance of the project;
• Assists the program staff in analyzing and interpreting project data;
• Carryout any other duties as outlined by the project field manager;

Job Requirements
Qualifications and Background:
• University degree in Management, Economics, statistic, and related field;
• With a minimum of 2 years experience in monitoring, evaluation, and reporting areas.
• Attended training on M&E and is aware of M&E plans/framework.

Required Languages – English and Amharic
• Flexible and willing to work in rural communities especially field based;
• Good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills;
• Able to communicate effectively at all levels within the organization;
• Computer literate especially in MS word, MS excel, PowerPoint, SPSS and STATA
• Well organized, attention to detail, and have some analytical skills.