Deadline of this Job: 08 November 2022
Job Description
IT Consultancy Services
Terms of Reference

• Administer antivirus deployment and maintenance and ensure safety and security of all computerized data /information, files and documents.
• Ensure that internet, router, networking equipment and cables, Pcs, laptops, printers, telephone, fax and other IT materials are working effectively and efficiently.
• Indexing the ports in/ outlets in the server room, keep ICT equipment, storage area and work area clean and organized including other accessories.
• When deemed, conduct operational assessments of Ophthalmological Society of Ethiopia (OSE)’s current IT environment and plan future technology deployments as per OSE IT requirements and standards in coordination with the OSE executive committee and other staff.
• Advice the management in consultation with the executive committee and other OSE staff on usage of new versions of IT related equipment and supplies that best fits conditions by considering technology trend and budget.
• When deemed, assist the office in drawing specifications for the Website development, IT Purchases and in evaluating technical and financial aspects of the website, IT and communication equipment and software procurement and recommend the appropriate vendor.
• Provide verification for newly procured ICT equipment against the specification and approved quotation
• Ensure that faulty ICT-machines are under warranty and provide feedback for maintained items before payment is effected.
• Improve and maintain LAN/WAN when needed in coordination with the OSE executive committee and other staff
• Periodically updating software and configurations as well as the copies of the systems and databases in coordination with OSE executive committee and other staff.
• Maintain proper and adequate security, recovery and backup systems in consultation with OSE executive and other staff.
• Handle the required hardware and software troubleshooting
• Provide quarterly preventive maintenance and follow up the repair of all IT equipment where the consultant shall be responsible to provide the necessary tools and professional services for maintenance and the OSE shall be responsible for necessary consumable supplies required for the maintenance.
• Provide hands-on training and/or recommend to the staff on major software utilized by the staff of OSE and how to handle and care the ICT equipment and data as necessary. Provide computer training as well as troubleshooting for the technical assistance team
• Implement and apply corporate ICT policies, policies, strategies and plans in the country office and filed sub-offices.
• Generate monthly report about the performance of the ICT system. Monthly consultancy fee is subject to submission of the report.
• Perform weekly site visits to assess the status of user machines and fix the problem if any.
• Keep confidentiality.
• Liaise and coordinate with ETC, in all matters related to IC&T and rectify all problems promptly in close collaboration with OSE
• Support OSE website development, maintenance and follow up of domain and other related fees.
• Support OSE director of Continuous professional development(CPD) and educational committee in developing e- courses and making them available in the website
• Develop database of members including but not limited to CPD activities as per the need or request by OSE

Deadline of this Job: 07 November 2022
Job Description
• Improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency through enhanced capacities of leadership, strategic planning and establishment of robust M&E system
• Terms of Reference (TOR) Call for Consultant Service: Provision of a consultancy service on leadership, strategic planning and M&E system Development

• Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium (PHE-EC) was established as an Ethiopian Civil Society Organization in August 2008 with the aim to promote holistic and integrated Population, Health, and Environment (IPHE) development approaches in Ethiopia and beyond. One of the key elements of IPHE approaches is integrating SRH and gender into development interventions. PHE-EC, together with its 81 member organizations and its international and national partners, has successfully promoted IPHE approaches in the implementation of SRH and gender-integrated intervention in over 49 woredas (districts) in Ethiopia and has directly engaged with over 800,000 community beneficiaries. PHEEC has also been successfully influenced national policies and strategies through lining research and practices with policy development processes.
• Currently PHE EC is implementing a one year project entitled “Improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency through enhanced capacities of leadership, strategic planning and establishment of robust M&E system. This project focuses on strengthening of the organizational effectiveness through leadership coaching and mentoring, strategic planning and ensuring robust M&E system.

Objectives of the consultancy:
• The main objective of this TOR is to hire a competitive and an experienced consulting firm with a multi-disciplinary profession in leadership, Strategic planning, M&E, and M&E system development. The services to be provided are detailed and based on evaluation and agreed upon proposals provided by the service provider. More specifically the objectives are:
• To strengthen PHEEC’s leadership and strategic planning capacity through tailored training to senior staff, and focused mentoring and coaching to the Executive director in the areas of strategic planning, membership engagement , and transformative leadership.
• To improve M&E system across all levels of the organization through developing interactive and robust monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system.

Primary tasks /activities
The major tasks of the consultancy service are:
• Develop a detailed work plan, indicating the time in which the consultancy service will be implemented and delivered.
• Staff capacity gap assessment and benchmarking on leadership and strategic plan development.
• Staff TOT training on leadership skills based on the findings of the assessment.
• Staff TOT training on strategic plan development.
• Continuous executive coaching and mentoring.
• Establish leader development system with the support of experts.
• Provide support to PHE EC staff on members’ leadership and engagement.
• Revise the five year strategic plan and develop organizational targets.
• Review the existing M&E system and tools.
• Revise the existing M&E system.
• Develop appropriate and user friendly M&E data management system.
• Provide training and coaching to staff on newly developed M&E system.

Expected deliverables
• Develop and submit detailed proposal /work plan which explain the process to follow, methodology to be used and time frame. Feedback provision, incorporation and approval will be followed to the proposal.
• Deliver all the activities mentioned as primary tasks of this consultancy.
• Draft report of the consultancy service
• Final report of the consultancy service with feedback and comment incorporation

• The total time required for this assignment is 10 months maximum (Nov.15, 2022 – Aug. 15, 30, 2023). But the consultant will not be working throughout all this time and this should be clearly given in the detailed technical proposal

Terms of Payment
• 50% upon signing of the contract.
• 40% upon satisfactory completion of the draft baseline report
• 10 % upon satisfactory completion of all the deliverables
• The payments will be made in A/C payee cheques in the name of the consultant /firm. PHE EC will deduct withholding tax of 2%. Besides, no other benefits shall be admissible beyond what is stipulated in the contract.

Job Requirements
Consultant qualification
Consultant should:

• Be a consulting firm with a team of expertise from Leadership, Strategic planning, M&E and, IT background.
• Have team member with an appropriate post-graduate qualifications and appropriate experience in Leadership, strategic planning, M&E and IT/programming with at least five years relevant experience;
• Be a consultant firm under the set of legal provisions or under any valid legal cover
• Have a commitment to meet the deadlines,

Criteria for selecting the best offer
• Upon the advertisement of the Consultancy Service Notice, qualified consulting firm is expected to submit both the Technical and Financial Proposals. Accordingly; applicants will be evaluated based on Cumulative Analysis as per the following scenario:
• Responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
• Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation. In this regard, the respective weight of the proposals are:
• Technical Criteria weight is 70%
• Financial Criteria weight is 30%

Deadline of this Job: 31 October 2022
Network of Civil Society Organizations in Oromia (NeCSOO) is a Regional Network of civil society organizations operating in the Oromia National Regional State. The Network has 67 member organizations that have engaged in a range of humanitarian response and development activities in the Region. With a project fund secured from the European Union, NeCSOO is implementing a project entitled “Enhancing CSOs and Citizens’ Collective Engagements in the Development and Reform Processes in the Oromia Regional State”. The project, among others, is meant to undertake such major activities as prompting peace and peaceful coexistence, good governance, inclusive reform process, and promotion of GO-CSOs development partnership in the Oromia Region. As an implementation strategy, each activity aims at organization of evidence-based constructive policy dialogue and consultative meetings to ensure NeCSOO and its members’ contribution for the overall nation-building, peace, and development activities in the Region. To this end, NeCSOO is seeking consultancy service and invite eligible applicants to conduct a research on the “The Institutional Relationship between Abba Gadaas and Oromia Customary Courts in Reinforcing Indigenous Rule of Law and Implementation of Effective Customary Justice System in the Oromia National Regional State”.

Eligibility: Bidders must have a renewed trade/business certificate for the year 2014/15 E.C (2022/23 G.C), VAT, TIN, and the renewed professional license certificate.

Deadline of this Job: 29 October 2022
Global Insurance Company s.c. (GIC) was established in 1997 GC and provides conventional and Takaful Non-Life (General) insurance products and services through its well-located 21 Branches and 1 Contact offices situated in Addis Ababa and different parts of the country.
GIC would like to appoint external auditors to undertake the audit of the consolidated Financial Statements and accounts of the company for the year ended June 30, 2023 and the next two years thereafter, in accordance to the following criteria.
1. Should be Chartered Certified Accountants who are authorized to audit public interest entity by the office of Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia.
2. Eligible bidders are invited to take part in the bid upon presentation of currently renewed & valid Trade License together with TIN & VAT registration certificates.
3. The bidder must provide complete set of technical document and financial documents in a separately sealed envelope to the company Head Office by the latest date before 29thOctober, 2022 at 4:00 pm
4. GLOBAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.C reserves all rights to accept or reject any or all bids.
Global Insurance Company S.C
Arada Sub City, Woreda 01, House No: 030,
Tel No: +251111565850
At Somali Tera Global Insurance Building 4th floor.

Deadline of this Job: 28 October 2022
Send a Cow (SAC) is registered and licensed Foreign Charity. SAC Ethiopia was established in March 2006 and works to see a rural Ethiopia that is confident, thriving, and sustainable, with a growing economy and higher living standards for all. SAC focuses on three thematic areas; Farm Systems, Gender and Social Inclusion and Enterprise Development to help to combat poverty and works to create a rejuvenated and abundant African environment for both current and future generations.
Send A cow Ethiopia is currently seeking for firms who can provide tires with at least equivalent specifications described below:
1. Vehicle tires 4
Jamal Bridgestone with tube 750R16C8PR 114/112N; Made in Japan,
2. Motorcycle tires
• Suzuki SAMSON front tire 3
• Suzuki SAMSON back tire 3
• Boxer front tire 2
• Boxer back tire 1
• Platinum front tire 1
• Platinum back tire 1
Any interested and competent firm/supplier is required to submit the following documents alongside their price offers:
1. Renewed business license
2. Tax Identification Number and Value Added Tax Certificate
3. Valid receipt (for supplier who are selected to deliver the item)

Deadline of this Job: 28 October 2022
Telecommunication is the heart of digital services and secure network strategies; and workflows are important to deliver Internet-economy services. Every telecommunication sector is continuously evolving due to the ever-changing customer demand and technological advancements in order to create better digital economy. However, technology advancements bring digital disruption challenges which constraints telecommunication. Some disruption causes are cyber-attack; lack of digital literacy, network quality; poor integration and interoperability with financial institutions, high cost, and resistance to change in technology among staff and customers. As a result, many telecommunications` operators find it difficult to decide where to start their digital transformation journey.
In developing countries like Ethiopia, the problems are even greater and widely visible resulting in Internet Poverty. For this reason, we want to evaluate Ethiotelecom in terms of customers, strategies, organizational structure and culture, technology, operations, and data dimensions to respond early to undesirable disruptions or adapt to a changing environment to gain a competitive advantage. Thus, in this study, we will assess and analyze the Internet maturity of Ethiopia’s telecommunications sector to identify areas of critical gaps and provide policy recommendations.

Objectives of the Research
This research has intended to meet the following objectives:
• Identify the ultimate causes of digital disruptions
• To assess the current Internet maturity of Ethiotelecom in the aspect of customer, strategies, organization and culture, operations, technology and data dimensions
• To assess the Internet usage coverage and difference levels: digital urban-rural divide.
• Conduct a thorough stakeholder mapping
• Assess the overall system of telecommunication practices in Ethiopia and identify implementation gaps to draw possible policy interventions

Primary and secondary data will be collected and both quantitative and qualitative approaches will be employed to analyze the data and appropriate and rigorous descriptive and empirical analysis methods will be employed as required in meeting the objectives of the study.

Major Job Description (Activities)
The Researcher is required to;
• Study and analyses 3G, 4G 5G and beyond for Internet Poverty Reduction purpose.
• Research on various aspects (e.g. requirements, constraints, performance) of telecom systems
• Leading or contributing to technical reports and delivering technical presentations
• Leading technical work packages with the participation of industrial and academic partners from Ethiopia
• Contributing to research proposals
• Collaborating with Policy studies Institute technical teams or individuals of various backgrounds
• Undertaking intensive theoretical and empirical review of related literature;
• Conduct experiments on test-beds of known telecommunications technologies and security issues on Nokia, Ericson, ZTE and Huawei technologies.
• Configuring and analyzing telecom mobile networks both in the base station sub-system (BSS) and network switching sub-system (NSS).
• Identify policy gaps in relation to governance of Ethiopian Telecommunication in Ethiopia;
• Conduct a stakeholder mapping study;
• Conduct a bench marking study;
• Participate in research methodology design development and data collection;
• Conduct data analysis;
• Develop draft analysis of findings
• Present the draft analysis on validation workshop
• Incorporate comments and feedbacks and prepare final draft
• Present the final research finding in a closing workshop
• Submit the final document with recommendations and policy briefs
• Writing up original research for publication or for presentation at conferences;

• Datasets
• First draft of compiled study
• Final version of the compiled study
• Brief summary of the research findings and
• Recommendations and policy brief

Qualification for Researchers
Specialization of Researchers Qualification Position Required Number
Telecommunications Engineering (MSC) and Telecommunications Engineering (PHD) or Computer Science and Electrical Engineering(PhD) PhD Senior Lead researcher 1
Applicants for the lead researcher position should have telecommunications engineering (Bsc) and a PhD degree in the respective specialization areas and teaching and research experiences e in government universities and telecommunication Industry experience as well as at least 20 publications in reputable journals. For the senior researcher position applicants should have wireless and wired network experience with high level of expertise in statistical analysis using different software’s (R skill is mandatory). For this positions solid research experience with publications and practical experience in survey data analysis using standardized qualitative and quantitative data analysis software’s is required.
NB: Female applicants are highly encouraged.
Professional fee: will be as per the rate of Policy Studies Institute
Duration: The duration of the research service is 60 days (2 months) after the signing of the agreement between the researcher and PSI. However, the following condition needs to be met during the life time of the agreement.
1. The researcher should accomplish every deliverable within three months as of the date of agreement.
2. The payment shall be made after deliverables are submitted and particulars will be determined in the contractual agreement.