Deadline of this Job: 24 October 2022
Job Summary
The Mecanic driver is responsible to provide meaintence service for Motorcycles and vehicles and also driving service.

Main duty and Responsibility
• Ensures vehicle utilization as per CVDA and donor policies expenses pertaining to the project vehicle and maintenance,
• Prepare regular reports on fuel consumption and other related expenses pertaining to the project vehicle
• Maintain service and usage records of vehicle and schedules and follows up their service and maintenance accordingly.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
• Inspecting motorcycles and vehicle engine and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accurately
• Inspecting vehicle body and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgrade
• Conducting routine maintenance work aiming to vehicle functionality and longevity
• You will be responsible for troubleshooting issues and fixing them aiming to maximum reliability and functionality.
• An excellent auto mechanic has good eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. They are well-versed in complex mechanical or electronical systems of vehicles and have excellent problem-solving abilities. They must also be good communicators to provide advice to drivers of motorcycles and vehicles.

Deadline of this Job: 26 October 2022
Job Purpose
• የሚጠይቀው የትም/ደረጃ: ከታወቀ ዩኒቨርሲቲ/ኮሌጅ በሰፕላይ ቼይን ማኔጅመንት/በአካውንቲንግ እና ፋይናንስ/በቢዝነስ ማኔጅመንት/በማርኬቲንግ ማኔጅመንት/በኢኮኖሚክስ የትምህርት ዘርፍ በቢ.ኤ ዲግሪ የተመረቀ/ቀች
• በቡና ማዘጋጃ ማዕከል ላይ በሙያው የሠራ/ራች
• የሥራ ልምድ: 6ዓመትና ከዚያ በላይ በሙያው የሠራ/ች
የሥራ ቦታ፡-አዲስ አበባ ከተማ ለቡ ሠፈር አካባቢ

Deadline of this Job: 26 October 2022

Job Purpose
• የሚጠይቀው የትም/ደረጃ: ከታወቀ ኮሌጅ በስቶርስ ማኔጅምንት /በንብረት አስተዳደር/በአካውንቲንግ/ የትምህርት ዘርፍ በደረጃ IV ዲፕሎማ የተመረቀ/ቀች
• በቡና ማዘጋጃ ማዕከል ላይ በሙያው የሠራ/ራች
• የሥራ ልምድ: 4ዓመትና ከዚያ በላይ በሙያው የሠራ/ች
የሥራ ቦታ፡-አዲስ አበባ ከተማ ለቡ ሠፈር አካባቢ

Deadline of this Job: 24 October 2022
Job Summary
Logistics Coordinator will oversee and facilitate the supply chain operations of our company. He/she will be the one to coordinate personnel and processes to achieve the effective distribution of goods. He/ She must have communication and negotiation skills who is well-versed in supply management principles and practices. The ideal candidate will have great record-keeping abilities and a customer-oriented approach. The goal is to ensure the smooth operations of a variety of channels aiming for maximum efficiency.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Coordinate and monitor supply chain operations
• Ensure premises, assets and communication ways are used effectively
• Utilize logistics IT to optimize procedures
• Supervise orders and arrange stocking materials and equipment to ensure they meet needs
• Communicate with suppliers, retailers, customers etc. to achieve profitable deals and mutual satisfaction
• Plan and track the shipment of final products according to customer requirements
• Keep logs and records of warehouse stock, executed orders etc.

Job Requirements

• BA degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• Have good communication skill.
• Have computer skills.
• Language: Fluent in English (oral & written)
• 2+ -5 years’ Experience
• Work experience in Ethio telecom with similar role is preferable

Deadline of this Job: 28 October 2022
About the Position:
The Head of Logistics is responsible for planning, organizing, supervising the implementation, and reporting of all logistics activities for GOAL Ethiopia Programme. The Head of Logistics will ensure GOAL Logistics policies are adhered to and fully implemented to improve country wide coherence, and ultimately, accountability. This requires strong organizational skills to meet the logistical challenges of Supply Chain.

Key Areas of Accountability/Duties
• Daily line management of the Transport/Fleet Manager including the Roving Logistics Advisors
• Technical support to the Logisticians in all field locations
• Monitor the Donation-in-Kind documentation and ensure that the paperwork is completed and reviewed by Programme Manager prior to submission to Finance
• Plan and organise training and build capacity for logistics staff members in best practices, GOAL logistics procedures, systems and management.
• Ensure fire safety and workplace health and safety standards are adhered to
• Submission of Monthly and periodic reports to Dublin Logistics Desk Officer as outlined in the GOAL Global Logistics Manual and internal Management reporting system.
• Attend logistics external meetings on behalf of GOAL
• Carry out field visits, and submit a written report on the visit within 14 days of the return, and ensure actions are followed up
• Support the Area/Programme Managers in the management of the field logisticians through responding to issues that arise and proactively assessing field logisticians through reporting and general logistical performance
• Maintain, implement and develop the procedures documentation and adherence by all Ethiopia logistics and programme staff
• Implement a training/induction to ensure support/programme staff make use of the best logistics resources and practice in the implementation of programme activities
• Gather, analyse and disseminate relevant logistics information from external sources e.g. Consortiums/Partners
• Participate and input into country budget planning at the following stages:
o Concept note and budget proposal development, grant Management meetings
o Core cost budget development
o Complete logistics checklist at every grant proposal
• Ensure that logistics team are in compliance with Donor rules and regulations by being familiar with the Donor compliance rules and regulations
• Act as the focal point for the clearance of goods and supplies from Customs
• Ensure GOAL Ethiopia has all the necessary Insurances in place, and they are reviewed and updated regularly
• Work with the Systems Director to develop new policy and update/amend current policy (in consultation with HQ Logs/Procurement team) to allow for changes in programme sites/programme changes
• Liaise with the Systems/Programmes Director to ensure that the prepositioned emergency stock is adequate and are rotated
• Participate in the CSP (Country Strategic Plan) reviews and planning for the logistics section and annual budgeting process
• In consultation with the Safety and Security Advisor, ensure the Compound management is in accordance with GOAL security protocols
• Work with the Systems Director to ensure that there is equipment replacement plan in place and funds are budgeted for

Specific Duties on each Logistics Section
I. Transport (inc. Generators/solar power)
• To co-ordinate with the programme coordinators to ensure that the transport requirements of programmes are being met
• To strictly maintain vehicle daily logbooks
• Ensure that GOAL Ethiopia fleet is enough for the Daily operations in support of programme objectives
• Ensure that vehicle equipment is provided as per GOAL specific standard and security requirements
• To liaise with and make recommendations to the Systems Director regarding the repair and maintenance of vehicles and to develop a vehicle replacement plan
• To monitor and evaluate fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance and repairs and make suggestions to the Systems Director for improvements.
• To ensure that the monthly field reports are submitted on time
• To analyse the cost and efficiency of the GOAL fleet and make recommendations for improvement and for budget planning
• To ensure that all safety and security procedures and measures according to GOAL manual are exercised and those which are specifically required for within Ethiopia locations
• Ensure GOAL vehicles, communications equipment and drivers meet GOAL safety and security standards
• Ensure that there is a Generator service/replacement and usage plan in place to maximise the life of the generators
II. Stores, stock and asset management:
• To ensure that all goods received/stored and in transit by GOAL are recorded in GOAL standard templates and are stored and handled as per GOAL logistics manual procedures of safety, security, accountability and transparency
• To ensure that monthly stock checks are carried out in accordance with GOAL policy and Ethiopia SOPs.
• To produce a monthly report to the Systems Director on stock holdings over 120 days and or closed programme stacks
• Review the supply chain periodically to ensure that GOAL policy is being complied with and the goods are being received and recorded correctly
• Ensure that the FAR is maintained in accordance with GOAL policy and that a rolling disposal plan is in place
III. With the field logistics personnel, support the Head of Procurement with the field procurements by:
• Ensuring good working relationship with all programme management and field staff so the procurement needs of the programme are being met in a timely manner within GOAL procurement procedures.
• Ensuring procurement lead times are being met enabling projects within the GOAL programme to be completed in accordance with the programme proposal
• Ensuring the supplier list, OTS, contract database and price lists are updated and maintained
• Ensuring all works contracts are done according to GOAL Logistics manual
• Support in carrying out random checks of the supply chain process to ensure value for money and confirm prices
• Liaise with Finance to ensure that supplier payments are not being delayed and review the issues
IV. Communication:
• To ensure that communication plans are in place in all field sites
• To make sure that systems being used are adequate for the purpose intended and cost-effective and in accordance with Country Communication Plan and Procedures.
• To ensure that the cost of communication is checked monthly and if needed appropriate measures on making the communication cost effective are recommended to Systems Director, Area/Programme Managers
• Ensure that the standards of communication hardware and the usage of all communication units in country are done as per Country Communication Plan and Procedures
V. Facilities
• As GOAL Ethiopia offices currently has power back up supply from generators, internal power procedures and policies on generator power usage should be strictly adhered and respected
• To strictly maintain generators daily and monthly logbooks
• To ensure that individual generator logbooks are completed properly, and all the costs associated to maintenance, repair and running a generator are in place and practiced
• To compile an individual generator monthly summary sheet and Annual Generator report as per the schedule established and report on this to the Systems Director
• Ensure that expatriate housing is safe and habitable upon signing of lease and that it meets all security requirements.
• Respond to issues or concerns raised by staff regarding the condition of GOAL office or expatriate housing
• Ensuring that basic facilities, such as electricity, water and heating, repairs and maintenance are well-maintained; this including cleaning services
VI. Personnel
• Carry out performance evaluation for staff under your management
• To maintain and update Job Descriptions for all logistics staff in liaison with HR
• To liaise with HR in recruiting and discipline procedures of staff in accordance with GOAL HR policy and Ethiopia Labour Law
• Desirable quality, skill and competence
• Certification in Logistics/Supply Chain Management
• Understanding of budget development and monitoring
• Experience in logistics for the support of humanitarian, recovery as well as development programmes

Job Requirements
Do you want to join an exciting organization that brings high level impact to the community and add value to your professional advancement? Then join us if you have:
• At least 5 years’ experience logistics or related field with an International NGO in a field environment
• Degree or equivalent in Logistics Management, Business Administration
• Proven management ability to lead, motivate and develop staff
• Appropriate skills and experience in the capacity building and training staff and partners
• Ability to lead a multicultural team
• Ability to work under pressure to pursue multiple tasks simultaneously to successful conclusions
• Understanding and acceptance of the varying standards required and the problems inherent within the context of work in a developing country
• Strong computer skills in Microsoft packages, including Excel, Word, and Outlook (particular emphasis on Excel)
• Excellent report writing skills
• Committed team player
• Excellent IT skills; strong computer competency with Microsoft Office 365, word processing, spreadsheets, and databases.
• Experience in Distributions of NFI’s.
• Ability to identify and communicate potential problems and propose solutions to the level of management and then effect change.
• Must be able to function effectively in complex work environment, set appropriate priorities and deal effectively with numerous simultaneous requirements.
• Fluency in English, both written and spoken.

Desirable quality, skill and competence
• Certification in Logistics/Supply Chain Management
• Understanding of budget development and monitoring
• Experience in logistics for the support of humanitarian, recovery as well as development programs

Deadline of this Job: 28 October 2022
Job Description
An Engineering Company is looking for Logistic and Procurement Manager

Role and responsibilities
• Ensures a smooth relationship between the Procurement and Logistics Supervisors
• Compiles the reports received from the Procurement and Logistics Supervisors, and generates a summarized weekly report to the Procurement & Logistics Head
• Follows up with the Group’s Logistics section on all materials to be received (invoices, bill of lading, packing list…) and coordinates the shipments’ time of arrival
• Follows up with the Group’s Procurement Section on all items to be purchased as well as missing and returned items
• Follows up with the Clearing Agencies on all goods to be received
• Ensures a smooth delivery of materials to the sites by liaising with the different Transport Agents
• Assists the Procurement Supervisor in researching the local market for competitive prices
• Assists the Procurement Supervisor in the preparation of the Projects Costing Sheet
• Assists the Logistics Supervisor in analyzing information related to the cost of transportation, and takes action to minimize the costs
• Ensures a smooth cooperation between the Warehouse Coordinator and the Logistics Coordinator
• Conducts weekly meetings with the Warehouse Coordinator and the Logistics Coordinator to attend to their concerns and ensure they are meeting their targets
• Assists the Logistics Supervisor in negotiating contracts
• Analyses information related to the cost of transportation (maintenance, fuel, rentals, outsourced drivers…) and proposes solutions to minimize the cost using the tracking device.
• Negotiates regularly the contracts (vehicle maintenance, insurance, rentals, outsourced drivers…)
• Ensures that enough quantities of spares for the Managed Services section are available all the time.
• Sends monthly issuance data to the accounts section.
Oh&s/qms role and responsibilities
• Ensures That all OH&S/QMS procedures are regularly monitored and followed

Job Requirements
Qualifications requirements
• 5-7 years’ experience in similar field
Education requirements
• BSc. in Purchasing & Supply
• Certified Member of a Professional Body