Deadline of this Job: 08 October 2022
Advertisement for Consultancy Service by CARITAS Switzerland (CACH)
Job Description
Type of work: Assessment of WASH Infrastructures in Bale zone, Mada Wollabu, Harena Buluk and Goba woredas
Doing the right thing. We are active in Switzerland and 20 countries on four continents. Join us with a commitment to help us bring about a more caring society, here in Ethiopia.
CARITAS Switzerland (CACH) has been working in Ethiopia for more than 45 years. Currently CACH cooperates with four partners in Ethiopia. CACH has successfully been registered as an International Non-Government Organization in Ethiopia and has therefore become operational at project implementation level. CACH’s main working fields are Climate, Income, Migration as well as Humanitarian Aid Responses. CACH current working areas are in Oromia and SNNPR. CACH supports and implements currently about ten projects in these regions. CACH supports and implements different projects in these regions.

Purpose of the Consultancy Service
CACH is desirous to ensure quality in the construction activities it is undergoing. The water scheme and the latrines construction/rehabilitation are expected to meet and even to better than the minimum standards. Therefore, the consultancy service is required to ensure meeting the desire of CACH and to avoid any gaps that may arise due to poor planning in the preparation of the design and bill of quantity. Hence the purpose of this consultancy service is to do detail assessment of each school WASH infrastructure need verification of design and bill of quantity, estimation of price and materials of water scheme construction/rehabilitation work and VIP latrines planned to be constructed under the project “Mainstreaming Blue Schools in southern Ethiopia”.

Major tasks of the consultant are:
• Detailed Water Sanitation and Hygiene Hardware Assessment of all the 7 proposed schools (to validate the pre-assessment, and/or to point out at additional so far not considered opportunities or challenges if there might be): status/condition of currently existing WASH infrastructures, recommended new/rehabilitation works. If the recommendations differ from the findings of CACH pre-assessment, the consultant is expected to seek an early dialogue with CACH to see, whether the consultants’ recommendations impact on CACH selection of hardware activities to be undertaken.
• Detail technical assessment of all water scheme to be constructed/rehabilitated/upgraded
• Detail technical assessment of all sanitation facility to be constructed/rehabilitated
• Detailed system design and BoQ review/development for new/to be rehabilitated water schemes, latrines and handwashing facilities with current market-based price estimation and summary of material required item by item.
• Compare the design against government standards
• Provide professional comment to be incorporated in the design or in the overall WASH infrastructure CACH planned to do in the schools and community water points
• Verify the design and BoQ against engineering, government, and international standards (if applicable)

Scope of the Work
This consultancy work requires field assessment. It is preferable if the consultant have prior experience of the area or has site specific information. The work requires an iterative process for each school assessed, whereby the consultant comments and makes the required designing/ and design updating while the final verification shall be made upon submitting the latest version of design and BoQ with full assessment report.

Task of CACH
• Provide ToR for the requested service
• Provide draft design and BoQ available at CACH
• Facilitate logistic means for travel and accompany the consultant in site visit
• Provide firsthand information / initial technical briefing for desk review

Deadline of this Job: 11 October 2022

Call For Consultancy job at ZOA

Job Description

Bid No.: ZOA/ 09 /2022

ZOA from relief to recovery is an international NGO registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Charities and Societies Agency as Foreign Charity under registration certificate number 0739 to work in the fields of emergency relief and recovery operations to support the lives of refugees, returnees, internally displaced and victims of conflicts and natural disasters.

ZOA from relief to recovery is seeking for competent and reliable consultancy firm to conduct Best Practice Identification and documentation of Results for promoting stability and strengthening Basic Service Delivery for Gambella Regional state.

Job Requirements

Mandatory Requirement:

  • Copy of Renewed & Relevant business license
  • Copy of VAT Registration Certificate
  • Copy of TIN Certificate
  • copy of competence certificate

Technical Evaluation (Non-Mandatory) 70%

Financial Evaluation 30%

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022

Procurement of Display Board job at JSI

Job Description

Procurement of Display Board

The Data Use Partnership project in Ethiopia is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). Through this RFQ, procurement of display board (pin board) for Amhara Region HIS Restoration.

Please submit your most competitive quotation in accordance with the instructions and specifications, with all required certifications. Any subcontract issued as a result of this RFQ will be subject to all instructions, certifications, terms and conditions, and specifications included in this RFQ.

This document is a request for quotations only, and in no way obligates the Project or JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) to make any award. Award(s) made subsequent to this solicitation will be subject to the terms and conditions described herein.

Job Requirements

Bidders are required to submit:

  • Finance and technical proposal which should indicate acceptance of payment after complete delivery
  • Copy of valid trade license in the area
  • Copy of Tax Identification
  • Number (TIN) certificate
  • Copy of Value Added Tax (VAT) certificate
  • Company profile
  • Exhausted vender list with full address
  • Fixed delivery date
  • Bid bond 1% of the total bid price enclosed in the technical proposal. The bond shall be CPO or unconditional bank guarantee valid for 30 days starting from the closing date of proposal submission and addressed to the JSI R&T Institute, Inc. /Data Use partnership Project.
  • Other competitive condition if any

The closing date for submission of the bid shall be Friday, October 7th 2022 at 5:00 PM, bidders are expected to drop their proposal in to appropriate box designed for the purpose at the main entrance of the project office located at Sengatera Tarde Union Share Company building, located at Lideta Sub City, Woreda 09, House Number 235, 4th floor, nearby Tenadam Restaurant, Sengatera area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Due to the COVID-19 protocol we have the project will not invite the bidders to show up for the bid opening.

The project reserves all right to cancel the bid fully or partially anytime before or after the bid evaluation process.